Safe Belly - Seat Belt Adjuster

$34.99 $69.99

Introducing the Safe Belly - Seat Belt Adjuster, Removes Tension and Discomfort of Seat Belt on Belly while riding in the vehicle.


  • The Impact Weight of the seat belt is evenly distributed onto Legs/thighs and NOT the abdomen.

  • Recommended for people who’ve had any Abdominal Surgeries, Tummy Tucks, C - sections, Post Pregnancy, and current Pregnancy. 

  • If Pregnant, this helps keep mom and baby safe especially at sudden brake stops. Keeps the seat belt from putting tension on the baby belly.

  • Easy to Install and fits all vehicle seats. 

  • High Quality Design that will not scratch or tear clothes. Small and Curved design won’t bother passengers not using it, so once installed, you're good to go. 

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